Meet Dr. Michael Gallo


Dr. Michael Gallo is the creator of MindSet Methods, a new safe and effective protocol for the elimination of pain. Dr. Gallo has worked over twenty years with a broad spectrum of medical doctors exploring many different modalities. In private practice, he continues to seek better ways to treat chronic pain. Seeing results in his patients led him to develop this paradigm shifting breakthrough.

A pioneer in energy medicine, Dr. Gallo is a leading chiropractic physician, kinesiologist, educator, entrepreneur, and musician. He and his lovely wife Susan founded East-West Wellness, a holistic health center based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Center offers the best in conventional, complimentary, and cutting edge health care for a variety of health issues and chronic conditions.

Dr. Gallo holds a Doctorate from Life. He completed post graduate work in Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Craniopathy and Nutrition. He is certified in Nutrition Response Testing, PRM Homeopathic Management, Functional Endocrinology, and Functional Blood Chemistry.

His research includes Neurobiology, Autoimmune Disease, Chronic Inflammation, Psychosomatic Disorders, Environmental, Stress, Nutrition Support and Weight Loss, Autism, ADD, Anxiety, and Depression among many other disciplines.

Dr. Gallo is the type of doctor that really listens to his patients and works with them to determine the root cause of their pain or illness then customizing a plan that is uniquely directed to each patients needs. He takes his time to truly make sure his patients heal and achieve true quality of life.

It is said that…

He succeeds where others fail.

He believes that chronic pain has an emotional component that is typically overlooked.

When the link between mind and body is broken, the pain goes away and does not return!

He explores and corrects emotional aspects that other doctors overlook or are not aware of.

The results are life changing.

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