Dr. Gallo is the creator of the Revolutionary/ Life Changing Technique of MindSet. He uses this technique to heal and assist his patients to achieve optimal wellness and life. It is a quick and effective healing technique that addresses the root cause of pain and dis-ease. He is also currently teaching other practioners this technique so they may assist their patients to achieve the same results.

 What is MindSet? How can it help me Heal?

MindSet is an evaluation, management and treatment protocol which will allow Health Care Practitioners to quickly and accurately find the root cause and purpose of acute, sub-acute and chronic conditions.

Dr. Gallo’s research has revealed that the mind brain body complex has a very specific way it prefers to be addressed.

MindSet technique uses the original blueprint of the innate intelligence to reestablish DNA. This changes pain and other health conditions quickly and efficiently.

The formula for MindSet is one part clinical kinesiology, one part quantum physics and one part energy psychology.

Discover the technique that can instantly and permanently change you.

MindSet Technique is different than other healing techniques in that it opens the subconscious mind and avoids the downfalls of traditional testing methods. It reveals what is truly behind your minds limitations and body’s defenses.

MindSet is built on the basics of Emotional Therapy and is an instrument of extraordinary change in remarkable time. It is unique in that it impacts epigenetic changes in DNA from lifestyle. Also, MindSet embraces in utero, birth trauma, and pre-memory issues that when addressed have profound results on your life. Self-sabotage and systems of thinking are affected.

The body has the ability to detect and generate a wide range of frequencies. Unlike most other techniques, MindSet uses unique reflexes based on frequencies generated by the practitioner and the client. These proprietary reflexes are emitted from the body when hands are placed in different positions and in different places.


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