2013 Christine and Courtney O.

Dr. Michael Gallo really has been a blessing to my family. My teenage daughter suffered from multiple heath issues and we had tried every known medical treatment and doctor we could find to resolve her GI issues as well as her headaches (migraines), and horrible painful acne.  After just 2 sessions with him he had her on the right program from a treatment program of physical adjustment, nutritional supplements and emotional therapy and it has completely changed her life. She is now a vibrant 17 year old that is happy and healthy for the first time in her life she said “she is living.” I am not sure how I can ever go back to traditional medicine after what Dr. Gallo has done to improve her quality of life.

I was a traditional medicine person before but I have been converted for sure!


2013   Sally W.

“My Doctor is a healing Doctor he is AWESOME!” His name is Michael Gallo. Some of you may be lucky enough to really know him.  My doctor is a healing doctor not a treat the symptoms type doctor. He heals not only the body but our spiritual mind as well! Our mind tells our body how to feel.

Doctor Gallo got me back in the game of life as we know it.

He has healed my headaches that I have since age nine. He has healed my asthma. He has healed my tremors, plus numerous other things. He has taught me how to take care of matters regarding my G.E.R.D and bowels.

Thank you Dr. Gallo and Susan for making those days of uncertainty bearable and reminding me about all the good in our world and how life is worth living.


2011 Cherie G.

Doctor Gallo is one of the best doctors that I have ever had. His treatments have made such a difference in my health and my life. I am truly grateful.

2012 Donna

Dr. Gallo is one of the Lord’s truly gifted and directed healing people. I searched for years for a doctor who could help end my chronic pain. Thank you for helping me to heal physically and emotionally. I love that I have my loving and joyful self back.


2006 Susan H.

Dr. Gallo had genuine concern over my condition and was devoted to getting me well. He has such a vast knowledge of the human body on all levels (structural, emotional, chemical/nutritional). He released the intense pressure in my head that was so bad I thought it was going to explode. He healed my “zoning out” episodes and all the other symptoms that I was experiencing. I felt safe under his care; he is a great listener and reassuring to me as a patient. He has proven time and time again he is a man of his word.


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